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Another Reintroduction (and more Thile)

June 4, 2009
Clue: This is not a reintroduction.

Clue: I am not reintroducing this guy.

Now that the blog has officially changed it’s address from “” to “” (and undoubtedly disappointed legions of horny teenage males looking for kinky internet porn), I suppose it’s time for me to reintroduce myself as well.  So hi.  My name is Dave. 

I would post on this blog sometimes, but most of the time, I would say I’m a part of this blog, but make minimal contribution.  Sometimes, it would be because I didn’t have time to post.  As a hard-working college senior (no joke intended there), I would find myself buried in too much other writing to consider writing for some animal-based fun.  Sometimes, I’d just want to sleep, for the same reasons as listed above.  But if I’m completely honest with myself, it’s pretty much because I suck.

Not anymore!  As an enterprising and independent (read: unemployed) college graduate, I should have time finally to root through the years of music stored in my magnetic catacombs, and more importantly, I should have the time to report it.  And to demonstrate that I belong on this blog, I bring more Chris Thile!

Here’s a song that is pretty good in it’s own right that Chris Thile makes his own: The Strokes’ “Heart in a Cage.”  Thile takes the cool, disinterested sound of The Strokes and turns it into his brand of passionate, dreamy-blonde bluegrass.  I listen to this song over and over; you should, too.

 Heart in a Cage – Chris Thile (mediafire)(YSI)


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