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The Way Remixes Ought to Sound, Part I: “I Feel It All”

February 19, 2009
sparklers + cute and talented indie gurl = heaven.

sparklers + cute and talented indie gurl = heaven.

By now, you’ve all bought Feist’s fantastic The Reminder, probably on vinyl (lol@hipsters), and you’ve worn it out with repeated listens. Me too, kids, me too. That damn stylus has carved so much of the album out with the force of my emotions, or something touchy-feely like that. Well, since you’re exactly like me in every single way (except that whole blogging thing, I still have that on you suckers!), you probably put that amazing album aside for a little while, and turned your attention to more recent exciting releases from other cool artists. Ashes to ashes, beer to pee — I get it. But now it’s time to go back.

If you’re perspicacious, you may have noticed that this post is about remixes. If you hadn’t read the title, I commend you for your faith in the Show. But sometimes there are puns up there that I think a lot about, so, like, pay attention. Remember: every word I write is groundbreaking. Back to the point: yes, this is a remix. This is “THE WAY REMIXES OUGHT TO SOUND.” This remix, by Escort, accomplishes a remix’s most important purpose: to reinvent the song. I personally like it more than most remixes because it manages to do so without sacrificing the spirit and flow of the original. The original song is awesome. So’s the remix. And the music video. Check both out below.

I Feel It All (Escort Remix) – Feist (mediafire) [Buy The Reminder already, dunderhead.]

haythx winniecooper for the rmx!

I’ll go ahead and add this to the Febcount: 13/28

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