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Weezy Weezy Weezer

May 8, 2009
This picture gives me the willies.

This picture gives me the willies.

….And suddenly I show up out of nowhere after abandoning my friends and our reader(s[?])! Let’s skip the awkwardness and get right back to the music.

It’s a well known fact that everyone worth talking to loves the shit out of Weezer. Also, I’m pretty sure that Lil’ Wayne got a few plays in the last 6 months or so. Lucky for everyone everywhere, Molestar has brought the two together through the power of mashups!

Although I’m not a huge fan of Weezy, let’s hope that you are, because it’ll probably make you like this album more. I haven’t actually made it all the way through it yet, but it seems like a great idea (in point of fact, anything to do with Weezer is a great idea), and I’m counting on Edward being pleased enough that I’m contributing again to let it slide if it’s a dud. BONUS: I recently acquired another Weezer mashup, but it’s pretty terrible, so I’m not posting it here. You’re welcome!

Weezyer (full album) (.zip)

If that wasn’t persuasive enough, try this song on for size:

Don’t Let Go of that Lollipop (Weezyer) – Molestar (YSI)

Mrs. Officer Turned and Left Me Here (Weezyer) – Molestar (YSI)

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