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A Synthesized Saturday: The Twelves

April 4, 2009
Synthesize me, captain!

Synthesize me, captain!

By now, you should know that nothing gets me dancing as hard as some blaring synthesizers. And, if you know me personally, you know that my vocabulary for describing synths basically encompasses the word “chunky.” Synthesized music I like is “chunky;” bad synth stuff is “nowhere near chunky enough.” “American Boy” — chunky to the max. “Lights & Music” — double chunk. “Sleepyhead” — chunkytown. And if there’s one band that knows how to chunk up the volume, it’s the Twelves.

Loyal Animal Showsters will remember when, back in 2 BHM (before Hype Machine), I posted a delectable Twelves remix of one of my all-time favorite songs, “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You.” Well, kids, the goodies don’t stop there. We’ve got a bonanza of bangers for you to kickstart your party, and get everybody on the same chunky page as you. Be forewarned: these remixes will all make you think the original songs suck in comparison. And, if you’re Drew, you’ll say, “they totally made that Fleet Foxes song listenable!” Drew’s a moron. That song was brilliant before this. And now it’s different and brilliant. Hell, these are all brilliant:

Take On Me (The Twelves remix) – A-Ha (megaupload)

Hurricane Jane (The Twelves Remix) – Black Kids (megaupload)

The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (The Twelves Jam/Remix) – The Flaming Lips (megaupload)

White Winter Hymnal (The Twelves Remix) – Fleet Foxes (megaupload)

Buy some Twelves music. You know you want to.

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  1. mary permalink
    April 8, 2009 8:49 pm

    this synthesized remix makes me carsick! but i love the swedish girls’ cover…………


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