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Threefer Thursday: Up, Up, and Away, Phoenix!

April 2, 2009
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, rising from the ashes.

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, rising from the ashes.

It’s Thursday, which means, if you’re not like me, you’re strapping your party boots on and about to have a dust-raising, knee-slapping, hoe-downing hootenany of a footstompery. If you’re like me, you’re settling your butt cheeks deeper into your desk chair and breaking the binding on your copy of the Iliad, steeling yourself to write the greatest paper of this young millenium. Either way, I’ve got the jams for you, coming in the mythical form of the French electro-alt band Phoenix, who are responsible for some of the most fun music I’ve heard this side of 2008.

These three tracks are newer than new, leaked from Phoenix’s upcoming 4th album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which sounds as fantastic as its title would lead you to believe. Seriously, I’ve preordered this album three times now, because once just wasn’t enough to properly express my excitement. Sorry, Dad, but it looks like you’ll be getting a copy of this for your 62nd birthday. Same goes for everyone else I know who was born in May. Prepare to be blasted away:

Lisztomania – Phoenix (megaupload)

1901 – Phoenix (megaupload)

Lasso – Phoenix (megaupload)

Quick, preorder the album before I make some lame joke about the mythical creature this band is named after!


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