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Passionately Pitting

March 28, 2009
This is a Passion Pit. Alright, give me a break here, you can only take this pun so far...

This is a Passion Pit. Alright, give me a break here, you can only take this pun so far...

As you may or may not remember I, Marquis Meowmers IV, am a fan of Passion Pit. In fact, there was a period of time where I would listen to Sleepyhead every morning to get myself psyched for the day that lay ahead of me. Similar to Rocky, I had a theme song that would play me to the top of the stairs within Franklin Patterson Hall. And right as the song climaxed into a cacophony of danceability, I would always summit the stairs, turn around, and look back at the great physical challenge that I had overcome during my montage. So, when I turned my attention to the blogosphere and discovered that Passion Pit’s lead single (titled ‘The Reeling’) from their first full length (titled Manners) had been released, I was excited. Now, I know what you’re asking: “What is Marquis’ opinion of it? How does it sound? Where on the internet can you download it?” Well dear reader, fret not. All these questions (and more) will be answered below the jump.

“The Reeling” opens with a really cool and pretty catchy chopped-and-screwed synth line that shows a lot of promise. Like all the other songs Passion Pit has released, “The Reeling” is one part sappy love song, two parts synth-nerd, and infinite parts dance floor. The song seems to have a little less energy than “Sleepyhead,” the lead single off of their (or maybe it’s just a ‘he’? Is this still a one man operation?) Chunk of Change EP, which may or may not work for you. It doesn’t detract from the song’s catchiness, but it doesn’t give me the same feeling I got when I first heard “Sleepyhead” (which was an immediate sense of “holyfuckingshit this is a goddamn BANGER”). Additionally, Pit seems to be leaning a little bit more towards analog instruments, especially in the rhythm section, which gives it way too much of an 80’s throw back feel. I mean, as fun as it may be to pretend to like Flock of Seagulls, I’d like to think that if you put out an EP filled with super rad nu-disco that you wouldn’t want to move back to previously charted territory…

That said, the song IS good. It will be making its way onto the dance floor, and you will be enjoying it. Its catchy chorus and oddly dancey mid-song breakdown have me both coming back for more and terribly excited to hear to full LP. The Almighty Musical Deity (Pitchfork) gave the single a 6; I’m giving it a 7.5. It’s a fun song, but it doesn’t have me jumping up and down, shaking my ass to its fullest like Sleepyhead did (and still does). I also took off some points because they forgot to put A FUCKING DANCE MACHINE CLAP TRACK on it. Like WTF? I need more electronic claps. Hopefully ‘Manners’ will deliver.

Passion Pit – The Reeling

Download from Mediafire

Additionally, if you’d like any more remixes of “Sleepyhead,” please ask me. I’m at 11 and counting…

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  1. bob permalink
    March 28, 2009 10:22 pm

    love it. listened to it at least a dozen times today with a bunch of nerds. wow – just cant get it out of our heads. it just keeps on repeating and repeating. we look at each other and laugh singing “oh, no -oo -oo-oo, oh no-oo-oo-oo.” it seems that the more we listen to it the more we need to hear it again. it infects your mind. we all love this thing and cant wait for the full length. you are right, tho. where are the claps?

  2. austin permalink
    March 29, 2009 7:44 pm

    what’s your favorite sleepyhead remix?

  3. juno permalink
    March 29, 2009 11:09 pm

    Love Passion Pit… predicting a breakout year for them…

  4. marquismeowmersiv permalink
    March 30, 2009 12:10 am

    Sleepyhead remixes seem to fall into two categories: those that try and make it more applicable on the dance floor, and those that try and make it a little more conducive to chilled out listening. The two remixes I posted in my last Passion Pit post (Mr. Vega’s dance floor remix and Elijah’s Beat Generation Remix) are still my favorite, but White Sirens Of Burr’s remix and Clack Singles Club remix have both grown on me. White Sirens Of Burr give it a nice French House feel (1 part daft punk, 1 part justice, and 1 part Busy P.) while CSC lets us know how The Postal Service probably would have remixed the song.

    I must say that a lot of the Sleepyhead remixes are pretty bad. There is a cover version by Emil that is not good at all…
    BTW, you can find all these remixes and probably more on HypeMachine.

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