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When It Comes To Funk, I am a Junky

March 26, 2009
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Old pictures are embarassing.

Old pictures are embarassing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Prince today. Maybe it’s because he has a brand new, 3-disc CD set coming out on Sunday. Maybe it’s because he debuted a new song on Leno last night (see below). Or maybe it’s just because I’m wearing his signature fragrance, 3121, right now (says a friend: “it’s very womanly, but with a hint of dude in it. Just like Prince.”) Either way, I’ve had Prince on the mind, as it should be, and I want to share with you.

First comes a remix of “My Name is Prince,” which kicks you in the teeth the way the song should. Then there’s the debut of that new song, which isn’t as spectacular as the former, but has a mean harmonica solo and will make you weep just thinking about Prince’s brilliance as a performance. Enjoy, kiddos.

My Name Is Prince (TEPR Just for Fun RMX) – Prince (mediafire)

Old Skool Company – Prince (live on Leno)

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