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The Loneliest Number

March 17, 2009
I'm taking a class in MS Paint soon, maybe I'll learn a new trick.

I'm taking a class in MS Paint soon, maybe I'll learn a new trick.

I was reading another blogger’s blog where they had blogged a blog about The Hood Internet’s “The Hood Internet vs. Chicago” album, and it reminded me that my initial reaction to the album was disappointment because only the intro song relied heavily on songs by the band Chicago instead of the entire album being mashups of Chicago classics. In time, I came back to it and realized that it kicked some serious butt regardless, but it still makes me wish there were more Chicago mashups.

Which is where Katie Enlow comes in. Although I can’t find it on her website, I have this track purportedly (we know how these things get) of her singing “One Is the Loneliest Number” over a souped up cut of the epic rhythm from Chicago’s hit “25 or 6 to 4” decked out with some sweet drums and a little guitar and some synth whine. And as much as I dig the instrumental, Katie Enlow’s voice (which does some pretty nifty things; seriously, check out her website) makes this really special. She puts this convincing update into the piece as a whole that the original just wouldn’t have been able to bring, so huge kudos to her. Moreover, unreasonably large kudos to whomever with the time and talent makes a little something something out of her a capella tracks (especially Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About). Do that, tell me, and let’s all get internet famous together.

In the meantime, dig this.

1-up – Katie Enlow

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