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A hole is being dug to China as we speak…

March 10, 2009
Dear Carsick Cars, if you ever see this, I want you to know that they MADE me do it. - M. Meowmers IV

Dear Carsick Cars, if you ever see this, I want you to know that they MADE me do it. - M. Meowmers IV

We are entering a new era of history. A black man is America’s president, international communication is instantaneous, Pitchfork redesigned its front-page, and America is no longer the world’s leading superpower. That’s right. You heard right. America’s imperialist reign is over. Now, before you you begin trying to disprove me with explanations of global power constructs and economic figures from the past 5 decades, let me show you my proverbial pudding (of which the proof is in [Ben Stiller: “it’s in the pudding?”]): The Carsick Cars. Only 3-ish years old and already making waves in the international noise rock scene, they’ve been (pretty accurately) described as Beijing’s answer to Sonic Youth.

“But what kind of Sonic Youth”, you ask? Only the best, of course. And by that, I mean Daydream Nation era Sonic Youth (NOTE: this statement should not suggest that other Sonic Youth is bad. If I could make I Wanna Be Your Dog as awesome as the Youth, I would not be in college still). At least, that was the first comparison that struck my mind as I heard the first track off of their 2007 Self-Titled debut. What I love about them most is that they straddle that line between melody and sonic destruction perfectly. On tracks like Stick and Zhong Nan Hai lead guitarist Zhang Shouwang knocks you flat on your ass with a full on distortion assault, but then carries into a nice fluffy bed of melody flowers on tracks like Panda and Rock’n’Roll Hero. But enough crap, lets hear the first two tracks from their 2007 debut:

Stick by The Carsick Cars:

Volunteer by The Carsick Cars:

The rest of the album can be streamed HERE. I’m not sure if I feel comfortable with giving you the album directly. BUT, since I can’t find it for purchase on their website, Myspace, or e-bay, I will so totally Google It For You. They also have several 7″s and live demos floating around the internet so please explore and tell me what you find.

And to China, if this is what your glorious Communist rule has in-store for us, let The Red Sea of Change begin!

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