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Some Pretty Boss Covers

March 9, 2009
Why the hell not?
Why the hell not?

Here at the Animal Show, we don’t seem to have any rules.  I can’t out-and-out say that we don’t have any rules, mostly because we’ve never discussed rules at any point, making any speak about rules pure hearsay anyways.  But if we did have rules, one of those rules would probably be to shove Bruce Springsteen into unsuspecting faces as much as possible.  The other rule would be to constantly offer songs we like as covered by others so that we may once again shove them into unsuspecting faces as much as possible. And so in compliance with these speculated rules, here are two cool Springsteen covers: The Hold Steady covering “Atlantic City” and The Counting Crows covering “Thunder Road.”

It’s interesting the different approaches these bands take.  While The Hold Steady stick with a pretty Boss formula in their cover (with ample change made to accommodate for the fact that they are not Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band as much as they’d like to be), The Counting Crows make “Thunder Road” sound hauntingly like “Rain King.”  Which one do I prefer?  I think they’re both alright/mediocre (compared to the Boss), but The Hold Steady handily beats the Crows on this round.

The Hold Steady – Atlantic City (Download)

The Counting Crows – Thunder Road (Download)

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