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Remixed a Remix: Back to Normal

March 9, 2009
He's getting pretty tired of all this.

He's getting pretty tired of all this.

Remember that inspired blog entry by Edward, where he said a lot of well-thought out things about Walter Murphy, and ended with a slick metaphor about Funk and throwing up? Also, there was a good deal of confusion of who did what when and why, culminating in everyone involved other than Soulwax him/her/itself commenting? Well, it made me think about The original “A Fifth of Beethoven,” and what that must have been like back in the day (it apparently was #1 on a pop chart for like a week!) so I went hunting for it. And found it!


It’s also listed as belonging to Electric Light Orchestra, but it sounds just like the 30-second sample on iTunes from Walter Murphy. The World May Never Know.

P.S. Walter Murphy and ELO, when you guys comment to clear this up, just know that I’m not the one hosting this file, K? Everyone should tab right over to the iTunes music store and buy this and everything else that shows up when either Walter Murphy or ELO are searched for.

A Fifth of Beethoven – Walter Murphy or ELO

Also, Here’s just the Soulwax remix portion of the two hour radio mix alluded to in the comments of Edward’s post

A Fifth of Beethoven (Soulwax Beathoven Edit) – Soulwax

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