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Let’s Fly Away

February 25, 2009

The above picture is a joke

Here at the Show we’ve been crazy busy. I don’t know if you’d heard, but I’m currently subsisting on Rite Aid generic-brand Red Bulls and Goldfish straight out of those enormous cartons, you know, so it looks like the supersized milk containers from  your elementary-school cafeteria. Life is hard. I’ve been doing my crossword puzzles in class to save time out of class for interwebcasting, and I make all the meals I can afford to get into meal-mash smoothies. The only thing keeping me going is music. Adrenaline-pumping music. Adrenaline-pumping, melodic indie rock music. Enter Andrew Bird.

As if you needed another reason to buy Bird’s phenomenal Noble Beast, here’s yet another sampling of its excellence. There is no one like Andrew Bird on this earth. Trust me; I’ve met him. The man is such a low talker that I literally had to crawl into his mouth like a lion tamer to hear what he was trying to say. His stage presence is bizarre — he’s quite obviously uncomfortable, and yet you can’t help but stare enraptured at him the entire time he’s swaying spastically on his Persian rug. If you get the chance, go see him. Nobody is doing what he’s doing. More to the point, no one can. So listen to “Fitz & Dizzyspells,” and maybe you’ll understand how I’m still on my feet now. And by “feet,” I mean “butt, typing furiously at my laptop.” You get what I mean. No lion-taming antics necessary.

Fitz & Dizzyspells  – Andrew Bird (mediafire) [Buy the album.]

Februaremedy: 25/28

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