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Overhyping? What’s that?

February 20, 2009
Remember when everyone was willing to admit they loved you? I know, it seems like so long ago...

Remember when everyone was willing to admit they loved you? I know, it seems like so long ago...

In deepest, darkest Maine, where the Show takes place, the weather is a miserable 34 degrees and raining big fat snowflakes that spatter and explode in your hair and on your coat, pungent and annoysome as angel shit. This is the February I’ve been telling you about, folks: I haven’t seen the sun in what feels like years, and after waking up to 5 inches of snow this morning, I tried to stay in the shower until at least April. It didn’t work. But here I am, and it’s time to right ourselves. As always, I have the cure. It’s time-tested and I can personally guarantee its results. Ladies and gentlemen, the long-lasting and fast-acting power of Vampire Weekend is what we need.

If you’re willing to think back to last February, you may remember Vamp Weeky. In the “February of Broken Dreamz,” when people read Pitchfork for record reviews and tv was all reruns, Vampire Weekend dropped an unassuming and deliciously fun LP, with 11 songs that overflowed with sugary 3-minute poppy goodness. And the clouds parted and the sun shone down on dismal Maine and the snow melted into Sno-Cones and everyone was happy. Let’s return to that idyllic time.

Of course, in the ensuing months, the band was plagued by a phenomenon commonly referred to as “hype overdose,” and they fell out of public favor —- nay, they plummeted out of it! It was no longer “hip” to like the music, because that girl you know who takes her musical cues from the iTunes top 10 charts had “A-Punk” on her iPod. Guess what, dudes: I’m declaring Vampire Weekend on the up-and-up again. Remember, “hipness” follows a sinusoidal curve. Let’s jump on it right after the lowest point, and surf on that badass cool wave. Grab your boards — it’s time to groove on unreleased VW.

First, the b-sides from the universallybeloved debut album:

Ladies of Cambridge – Vampire Weekend (zshare)

Arrows – Vampire Weekend (zshare)

Then, on to one of my favorites, a track from the Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist OST

Ottoman – Vampire Weekend (zshare)

Finally, a live debut of a new song. I hate to share audience recordings, because I believe you deserve better, but this is a pretty high-quality recording. Also, it’s new Vampire Weekend. Get x-cited.

White Sky (Live at ABC Glasgow) – Vampire Weekend (zshare)

If you haven’t already, you’re long overdue for purchasing the album. Do it now and save yourself the embarrassment of admitting you still don’t have it.

Consider these Februaremedied: 17/28

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  1. February 22, 2009 8:29 pm

    gosh I can’t believe it’s been over a year. I love VW.

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