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Paper Covers Rock, Folds Covers Lips

February 10, 2009
Man, the nineties were totally awesome.

Man, the nineties were totally awesome.

It used to be that every now and then, I would get crazy-into a band, and scramble to find every song they had ever performed or written. It happened with the Beatles (and, believe me, it was impossible. And not really worth it.), and with Steely Dan, and then, somewhere around age 13, I came out of the shadow of classic rock and got totally “indie” with Ben Folds Five. Back when I “brought” Chuck Taylors “back” to the upper-middle-class kids of doctors at my school, I rocked out hardcore to the nerd-pop of Mr. Folds, a resident Nashvillian. With a copy of Whatever and Ever Amen spinning oh-so-techonologically in my lime-green Walkman, I was the coolest kid in school. But even cooler, when I went home, I’d spend hours scouring Kazaa or Limewire or whatever for 96kpbs mp3s of transferred demo tapes, b-sides, and live rarities. I finally found every song I had ever gotten a hint of anywhere on the internet, at the price of countless hours watching the download bars crawl through my dial-up-speed internet connection.

Needless to say, I was pissed off when the re-release of WEAE came out, featuring 7 of my holy grails of rarity. But, live and let release, that’s what I always say. (Please note: the band chose to release this on my birthday, for no reason other than to add insult to injury. Write them mean letters or something.)

Featured on that re-release was my favorite of the Kazaa finds — a jazzy jem of a cover of the Flaming Lip’s bizarre “She Don’t Use Jelly.” Originally released on a completely forgettable compilation called “Lounge-a-palooza,” this cover is the best of Ben Folds Five’s 5 top covers (which I plan to post about later, don’t worry). Plus, it’ll get you curious about what Vaseline tastes like on toast, and if that isn’t what music is supposed to do, I probably shouldn’t be blogging.

She Don’t Use Jelly – Ben Folds Five (mp3) (buy the album)

She Don’t Use Jelly – The Flaming Lips (mp3) (buy the album)

February count: 10/28

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