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DJ Earworm: United State of Pop — Crawling in like an earwig, or some other such potentially-deadly ear-inhabiting insect

February 7, 2009
making music that sounds as intriguingly cut-and-pasted as this looks.

DJ Earworm: making music that sounds as intriguingly cut-and-pasted as this looks.

I once read an article somewhere which said something about mashups. Maybe I’ll tell you about it later. Anyway, in it, they blabbered on about this dude, DJ Earworm, who makes the sort of mashups that cause you think about how much music exists as a social construct or something, just inherently, dude. And then you get all deep and stare glazy-eyed into space as your friends look confusedly around the ‘pong table in your frat basement while listening to Lil Wayne’s regrettably deathless “Lollipop” and suffering through that one new pledge who thinks he’s totally hood freestyle over the beat. Anyway, that deeply moving article touched me, and it made me realize that I, too, want to listen to music that will make me feel smart. DJ Earworm delivers.

Way back in 2007, when no one would have ever thought to throw a shoe in protest of anything other than Goldmember‘s hugely disappointing lack of humor, DJ Earworm had a brilliant idea: what if, instead of just making a simple one-on-one mashup, someone were to create a mashup uniting songs with a common theme, like, say, their place in time. Luckily, he had a laptop handy, and mashed the top 25 songs of 2007 together into one pleasantly familiar yet amazingly creative 5-minute opus. And people dug it. So he did another one, for 2008. It was also awesome. And then I blogged about them. And that, dear readers, is how we got where we are right now. So listen to this, and then feel smart about how you’re helping to revolutionize the music business. It’s an exciting process, or so I’m told.

United State of Pop (2007 ) – DJ Earworm (MP3)

United State of Pop (2008 ) (Viva la Pop) – DJ Earworm (MP3)

Take a look at the content listing for 2007 and 2008. I dare you not to be impressed.

February count: 8/28.

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  1. icebergxc permalink
    February 8, 2009 11:00 am

    On second thought, download the 2007 and leave the 2008 to rot like a silicon armadillo on the information superhighway.

    20-07 shows genuine talent and compositional discretion, but 20-08 is like one of those “year in review” montages that you see on your local news around new year’s eve. He relied far too heavily on Viva la Vida, and it snaps like little timmy’s crutch under an Amtrak made of wrought iron. Seriously, it’s a big step back. He’ll have to prove himself in 2009 if he wants my attention any longer.

    Until then, see his curiously embellished site and take his stuff that he doesn’t want anymore.

    • Edward permalink*
      February 8, 2009 3:32 pm

      Yeah, I keep waiting for it to grow on me, but it isn’t. That’s not to say it isn’t a decent mash, it just pales in comparison to 2007’s mashterpiece.

      Yes, that’s right — I just invented that word. I’m gonna go file a copyright now.

  2. marquismeowmersiv permalink
    February 9, 2009 4:16 pm

    you should actually file a copyleft… copyright is the creation of the bourgeois capitalist system that hates puppies.

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