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The Animal Show Hates February Almost as Much as You Do.

February 2, 2009
Two days in, and we're already feeling like this.

Two days in, and we're already feeling like this.

Well, this is it. The most miserable month of the year. If it were any longer than 28 days, we’d all want to live in Australia. I’m told they don’t get February there. Lucky for you, dear readers, the Animal Show is committed to getting you through this slog of a month. And we’ll do it the only way we know how: by delivering the jams. Upbeat music, coming atcha straight from the jungles of the internet.

In order to stretch this out as much as possible, I’m gonna be hitting you with two songs every other day. Or something. You may have noticed it’s already the 2nd, and I don’t even pretend to post every day, so I’ll just promise to get you 28 songs throughout the course of the month. How’s that? So here’s your February wake-up call: a delicious double dose of Cut Copy, everyone’s favorite Australian pseudo-euro-trash delivering band.

Sands of Time – Cut Copy

Lights and Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix) – Cut Copy

If you haven’t already, buy Cut Copy’s top album of 08 contender In Ghost Colours now.

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