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Covers (and remixes) that reinvent the double axle hemi truck

February 1, 2009
This is Cleatus. He loves football. Today is his Wookie Life Day.

This is Cleatus. He loves football. Today is his Wookie Life Day.

Allo, Marquis Meowmers IV here. I’d love to say that I have new things to share with you all, but I don’t. I’ve been on a big early 90’s Shoe Gaze / late-60’s Garage Surf kick, but I don’t feel like writing about that right now because the Super Bowl is almost on. Now, I figured that Edward would have given you all a large posting of Bruce crap to bathe in, since he (Bruce, not Edward) is the half-time entertainment and all, but that big jerk face (Edward, not Bruce) didn’t. Instead, I will give you something 20 times better: a riddle!!! So, what has nothing to do with any of the words written before this sentence, is 20 blogyears old, and is only semi-animal related?

The answer???

A SEAN KINGSTON COVER BY DEER TICK! These loveable little scamps from the beautiful farmlands of Brooklyn, NY play a seriously awesome, country-fried cover of Kingston’s Beautiful Girls, that track that hit it big sometime in 2007 and pissed everyone off by summer of 2008. Luckily, Deer Tick reinvent it nicely, giving the song a nice new feeling of authenticity (sorry Sean Kingston… at least the production was nice).

Additionally, in celebration of The Super Bowl / Fox Sports’ football mascot Cleatus, I give you a remix of FOX’s NFL theme song. DJ’s take note, I expect to here this at every fucking club ever.

Now I’m off to go eat chips and dip, corn bread, and a homemade chili with 3 DIFFERENT KINDS OF MEAT IN IT. Drew is jealous. HAPPY SUPER BOWL (fuck you Kurt Warner)!!!

Deer Tick – Beautiful Girls

FOX NFL Theme Song (Techno Remix)


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  1. icebergxc permalink
    February 2, 2009 12:23 am

    True story: when I read the bold words “3 DIFFERENT KINDS OF MEAT IN IT” I thought to myself:

    “Damn. I’m jealous.”

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