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Immuzikation is AMAZING

January 20, 2009


If an animal were mashed up, this would be the result.

If some animals were to be mashed up, this would be the awesomest possible result.

I’m not frequently blown away by new music. Typically, it takes me a couple of listens to really fall in love with an artist. But every now and then, I’m amazed by what I find. And that’s just happened to me with Immuzikation, a mashup DJ who has provided me with some priceless jams.

Thinking back, I think the last song that’s wowed me like Immuzikation’s stuff has was Nadastrom’s remix of WTF (with Kid Sister). If you haven’t already, download it now. But this is fantastic stuff. So fantastic that I used my gryffin image waaaaaay sooner than I’d planned to. Now I’ve blued myself, prematurely shooting my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run. Download these post-haste, and consider it recompense for that horror of a cover I showed you earlier.

PS: The artists “vs” listenings on these are so extensive I couldn’t possibly be bothered to transcribe them all. I’ve listed them below where I felt it necessary, and otherwise they’re contained in the song’s ID3 tag (AKA WHAT POPS UP WHEN YOU PUT IT IN ITUNES, DAD).

Fish Tacos (Immuzikation Extra Tartar Blend) – Immuzikation [Coldplay vs. Weezer vs. Cut Copy vs. The Blow vs. MIA vs. Reading Rainbow) THIS IS DEFINITELY THE STRONGEST OF THE THREE. IT’S INSANITY-INDUCING, BUT IN A COOL EUROCLUB SORT OF WAY.

We’re Gonna Have a Partayyy (Immuzikation GetTheFuckUpTonite Blend) – Immuzikation [Ratatat vs. Montell Jordan vs. Nirvana vs. Youngbloodz vs. tons of other artists I don’t want to take the time to write out]

Just Another Call With You – Immuzikation [MGMT vs. Chromeo]

You know you love me,


The Animal Show


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