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Andrew Bird’s “Noble Beast” Takes Flight

January 15, 2009

God, I love titular puns!

This man will fiddle you to death. And you'll like it.

This man will fiddle you to death. And you'll like it.

In 5 days, you will sprint out to your local **INDEPENDENT** record store to purchase Andrew Bird’s Noble Beast. Or you’ll sit at your mailbox waiting for your pre-order to arrive. And it will be splendid. So splendid that you might even forget to watch the Inauguration. However, if you do so, you’re a bad American and Andrew Bird doesn’t respect you. C’mon — he’s playing an inauguration bash! He’s all about the Presidency and new puppies.

You’re probably dying of anticipation, like me, so let me put you on proverbial life support with a Bird IV. Here are a few tracks off Noble Beast, a live cut of the so-called “single,” “Oh No,” and the entirety of the bonus disc, Useless Creatures, in streaming form.

Stream Useless Creatures at Andrew Bird’s website (NB: although this is Andrew Bird in full grace and orchestral elegance, it’s a lot less accessible than the rest of his canon of work. Great background music, but it’s not the direction he’s moving in. His choice of the title ought to tell you enough about his opinion of instrumental music like this.)

The Privateers – Andrew Bird

Tenuousness – Andrew Bird

Oh No – Andrew Bird

Oh No Live:

This guy is absolutely amazing live. His musicianship is unparalleled, honestly. If you can, be sure to catch him on his upcoming tour. Either way, buy his albums.

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  1. Wilson permalink
    January 16, 2009 12:08 pm

    I saw him live last summer, and his professional whistling (and banjo strummin’) certainly does not disappoint. He is actually coming to Bowdoin on January 31 I think, where we can all witness his myriad musical skills in full glory.

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