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Santogold Gets Shoved, Repeatedly

January 13, 2009
Me too, Santi. Me too.

Me too, Santi. Me too.

I like Santogold. Can you tell? She’s taking off like no 30-something pop star before. I mean, can you believe she didn’t release an album until that “advanced” age of 31? Crazy, right? Anyway, everyone all over the musical world of the internet is nuts about her, and I have to agree with them.

You’ve probably heard “Brooklyn (Go Hard)” by now; if not, catch it below. It’s Santi’s collab with Jay-Z from his upcoming album, The Blueprint 3. (Rumors are that “Swagga Like Us” will be re-released there, too, which is totally wack. Although that song is awesome.) It samples “Shove It,” and is classic Jay-Z. It’s below, along with a sweet remix of “Shove It” featuring my homestate’s own Three-Six Mafia. Good thing it’s impossible to get tired of hearing Santogold say “Brooklyn, we go hard,” because otherwise these two would probably do you in.

Brooklyn (Go Hard) [Feat. Santogold] – Jay-Z

Shuv It (3-6 Remix) – Santogold

Don’t be surprised when I keep posting about Santogold.

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