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The Animal Show Collects All the Animal Collective-Related Material You Could Ever Want

January 6, 2009

And Publishes Them In a Ridiculously-Titled Post!!

This is the single greatest Animal Collective image in the universe.

This is the single greatest Animal Collective image in the universe.

Attention: the title of this post is deliberately misleading. I couldn’t possibly give you all the Animal Collective-related material you could ever want, because there flat-out is too much out there. Fact. I just told you what you want. Deal with it.

However, I am massively excited for the vinyl release of Merriweather Post Pavilion today, and as soon as I finish posting, I’m going to my local record store to pick up my pre-ordered copy. (DID YOU KNOW: Bloggers buy a lot of music? It’s a fact.) If you’re not as excited as me, you’ve obviously been missing something. I’ll fill in the gaps.

Panda Bear, one of the members of Animal Collective, released an insanely good solo album way back in ’07. It got me pants-poopingly excited for MPP. I’m putting up a couple remixes of that album, one of which is great and the other of which pales in comparison but is still solid.

Then I’m going to be hyper-secretive and upload “Brother Sport,” one of the tracks off of MPP. If it doesn’t make you want to go out and buy the album, you don’t deserve to be taking up Animal Show’s bandwidth. Sad but true.

The good:

I’m Not (Phaseone remix) – Panda Bear

The great:

Comfy in Nautica (XXXCHANGE remix) – Panda Bear

The absolutely, completely, stop-living-already-if-you-pass-this-up unmissable:

Brother Sport – Animal Collective

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  1. nesbitt permalink
    January 7, 2009 2:29 pm

    Love the call on friendlyfires, surprisingly gossip girl has filled the void of the OC in giving you new/indie/progressive bands that you might not know…

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