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Kid Sister Reevaluated

January 2, 2009
This may be the most non-descript picture of an artist ever. I mean, I guess that background's kinda cool, but it's not really all that cool. Whatever, live and let live, right?

This may be the most non-descript picture of an artist ever. I mean, I guess that background's kinda cool, but it's not really all that cool. Come on -- a boombox? That's not even ironically cool. It's just obvious. It's like it's saying, "hey, guys, I'm totally involved with music." Chyeah, duh, that's why you're on a music blog. Cute smile, though.

So, after I totes fershur slammed Kid Sis, faithful reader George gave me what-for. He was all like, “Edward, man, you’re frontin’. Why are you frontin’, Edward? Stop it. This gurrl has it going on!” And so I was like, “Man, George, you’re a lot less eloquent when I retell this story, but I guess I’ll look into it…” And then I promised you’d guys I’d keep ya posted on Kid Sister, and whether or not you and I need to know who she is. Turns out we do.

George described Kid Sister to me as, “for lack of a better phrase, so fresh and so clean.” You’re right, George, you’re right. Wanna come aboard here with me? Whatevs, we’ll talk about that l8r. Anyway, I’ve got 2 Kid Sister jammzzzz for ya. Her own “Get Fresh,” which is party-ready with a wall of synthy-goodness and some mad-hot rhymes, and then a track she’s featured on, “WTF,” which is flat out da bomb dot com backslash your mom. (George, are you well steeped enough in this sort of hot lingo to be part of the Animal Show team?)

Chiggidy Check It:

Get Fresh – Kid Sister

WTF (feat. Kid Sister) – Tittsworth (Nadastrom Remix)

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  1. January 2, 2009 12:56 pm

    She does have it going on, NO DOUBT (not the one with gwen stefani). I saw her open for chromeo last year and I am pretty sure I had to throw out that pair of underwear.

  2. January 3, 2009 2:56 pm

    Yeah, this shit’s legit.

    If I could condense WTF into a fine powder, I’d totally freebase it. Or maybe I just need a little vial of concentrated Nadastrom Remix juice to rock the bejeezus out of damn near anything.

  3. January 3, 2009 3:02 pm

    And now I feel dumb for posting before listening to both songs. Let’s start this over.

    Get Fresh is also an exceptional track, but I’m mostly pleased by how good she is on the vocals. She has the same pleasing personality and range as Missy Elliot but I don’t get sick of her before the song even ends. Chorus Synth! For the New Year!


  1. Kid Sister? I hardly know her! « The Animal Show

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