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This is so stupid.

December 30, 2008

And yet it’s strangely entertaining

this really isn't funny. Or offensive. It's just dumb.

Note: this really isn't funny. Or offensive. It's just dumb.

Since the dawn of the internet, there have been people who have exploited the characters of your childhood for comic effect. Most of the time, it hasn’t been that funny. But every now and then you’d find one picture somewhere or download some audio clip on Napster which would be funny, mostly because you were 12 years old and found that sort of thing hilarious.

By now, as a blog-reading and therefore fully mature individual, you have outgrown this sort of sophomoric humor. I know I have. But every now and then I’ll stumble across a very very artistic and effectively executed maturation of the aforementioned sophomorism, and will find it remarkable in quality and content. And, by George, I’ve found a couple such pairings which I now offer to you.

It has been a tradition throughout the Animal Show’s storied history for me to be very clear about my guilty pleasures, and by now you should know that none outweigh the Muppets for pure delight. Therefore, when I find good Mupp-hop (Muppet hip-hop, for those non Muppet blog-readers of you) [all rights reserved Animal Show, 2008], I am quick to share it.

Kanye Mahna (Kanye West vs. the Muppets) – Lenlow

I have a good friend who is a mash-up enthusiast, with very hit-or-miss taste. I occasionally describe some of the mash-ups he plays me as being Hamburger Sundaes, as they go down about as easily as ground beef covered in vanilla ice cream. This unpredictable pairing, however, works alarmingly well. It’s more along the lines of Wiener Wings than Hamburger Sundaes, as far as unnaturally good combinations go.

Then this video mash-up, which just works well. Also, I’ve often said that Bert & Ernie are str8 thuggin’, and this totally proves me right.

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