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The Animal Show Rocks You Into 2009: Part V

December 30, 2008
Yup, we've devolved into clip art.

Yup, we've devolved into clip art.

I know, I know. “Why did you think Janet Jackson was acceptable for this New Year’s playlist?! I mean, I added it anyway, because you are the faraway internet god of music taste, but I was perplexed!” I hear you, faithful readers. I recieve the meaning of your death threat e-mails and teary texts: you need more indie cred. Your playlist needs to melt the puny little non-hipster brains of your fellow party-goers. Fear not, I gotcha. But don’t for a second believe I’m reconsidering that Janet track. It’s a gem, and everyone at your New Year’s gathering will urinate on themselves upon recognizing it. It will be simultaneously disgusting and awesome.

But you need cred! That’s why you look to blogs for support, I understand. I’m like you, only more self-involved. But I am a generous blogger, and will share with you one gem of a jam I guarantee noone at your party will have heard, and one that they may have, but is still fan-freakin-tastic.

Keep My Composure – Chemical Brothers feat. Spank Rock

This may be my favorite party darkhorse. It’s a shame more people haven’t heard it before. Help me change that.

Hearts on Fire – Cut Copy

though this probably ranks #3 of my favorite Cut Copy songs (#1 can be found on the top albums page. Guess what #2 is!), it’s still party-tastic. It’s got that Cut Copy build which they do so so well, and which sets them above the hordes of similar-sounding bands.

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