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Santogold^Folk = Lilly Wood and the Prick

December 26, 2008
This is the band, which has a funny name.

This is the band, which has a funny name.

Dear readers, the Animal Show is proud to present a totally folked up cover of Santogold’s L.E.S. Artistes. I’m so ahead of my time, I totally found you a band that HASN’T EVEN BEEN SIGNED YET! THEY HAVEN’T EVEN RELEASED THEIR FIRST ALBUM YET! A SEARCH ON HYPE MACHINE ONLY RETURNS 3 RESULTS! AND 2 OF THOSE ARE IN FRENCH!! THIS IS A FRENCH BAND!!!!!!

I don’t speak French, dear readers. But I vaulted the language barrier to bring you this jam. Because I love indie folk. And I love Santogold. I’m pretty excited by what I’m hearing here, but this cover isn’t all they’re good for. The other song on their myspace, “Down the Drain,” is pretty sweet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it in mp3 format anywhere for you. You’ll just have to listen there.

Catch the super-hot cover after the break, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted about this band because they’re pretty damn Animal Show, if you know what I mean.

Lilly White and the Prick – L.E.S. Artistes (Santogold Cover)

Via fairtilizer

PS: Did you guys know that L.E.S. = Lower East Side? Because I totally didn’t until just recently, and then I felt dumb.

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